First Responder in the Thumb? Feeling Stressed?


Nationally and locally, the stress faced by first responders is being recognized as a critical issue. Many new resources are becoming available to help fire, EMS, and law enforcement deal with traumatic experiences. Critical stress also has an impact on first responder families. Online resources are available from the All Clear Foundation. Free webinars and podcasts available from Resilient First by First Watch. First Watch also offers a resiliency app for a fee. For local support, call your critical incident stress management team for help today!

Call 24/7: 206.459.3020 or Text BADGE to 741-741 Critical Incident Stress Management Teams (CISM) can help.
Thumb Area CISM Teams Sanilac County: 810-395-4343
Tuscola County: 989-673-8161 or 989-673-6191
Lapeer County: 810-395-4343
First Watch

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